LOXONE Super Home

LOXONE Super Home

LOCATION: Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey

This exciting Loxone Smart Home has a wealth of smart features comprising intelligent lighting, intelligent heating, multi-zone audio & video, intelligent Air Conditioning, a dedicated cinema room, access control, security and electric gates…all controlled via a Loxone smart automation system.

The client purchased this property, in an exclusive suburb of Kingston, to renovate into there dream family home. Our brief was very simple…to future proof the home with technology that would assist and benefit the family now and in the future, with the system meetings the demands of a growing family.

Working with a local architect and M&E consultant, we initiated the project with a full set of cable schematics detailing the systems requirements and how it would all interconnect. As 1st fix progressed, further amendments were made to ensure all features were integrated.

The outcome has been a very successful project with some of the key benefits being the heating & AC system working in tandem to provide the absolute desired comfort in every zone throughout the property, with the system responding to changes in climate and temperatures to ensure the home was comfortable throughout.

Check out some of the amazing interiors inside this gorgeous home…

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