Old Meets New Technology

Old Meets New Technology

LOCATION: Walton Upon Thames

This project came about due to a referral from another client and was quite a challenge as it was based in a period property. The client’s requirements were quite extensive as they required several different technologies combined into a single unified system with smartphone and tablet integration being the core basis of control.

The main elements of the project are an intelligent lighting system, separate dedicated TV and Cinema rooms, whole house wired data network and CCTV. Also included were control of the lighting system via smartphone and tablet both internally and remotely from anywhere in the world.

The main phase of the project is now complete and the client is very happy with the setup. Further tweaks to the system are executed as and when the client requires.

Next phase in the near future is the completion of the dedicated cinema room and whole house heating control with full smartphone and tablet integration including remote access.


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