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Voice Control

Voice control is becoming ever more popular with the introduction of products and services such as Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri. Here at iSmart we can integrate voice control into the very fabric of your home to allow lighting, heating, shading and more. Allow your voice to simply control any aspect of your home!

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Design services

Our design services are bespoke for every project and can encompass any no of technologies. Providing a bespoke design service ensures that all requirements are included and managed as part of your new build or renovation project. Design services can be as simple as a WiFI solution or a whole house integrated solution comprising of lighting, heating, AV and more!

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Intelligent Heating & Cooling

The smart system not just cools but also provides heating upon demand. One of the key features of this system is the integration of the intelligent heating and cooling systems, all through the smart automation system. In Auto mode the system automatically determines when heating or cooling is required throughout the numerous property zones and throughout the summer and winter periods.

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Smart Shading | Blinds

Blinds are an integral part of any home and with smart automation, you can control them as you desire or leave them to be managed by the environment around you. Sun warming the room rapidly…dont worry, the system will automatically detect rising heat and the position of the sun to start closing the blinds! Creating a room with the perfect ambience!

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Intelligent Lighting

Lighting is key to any project be it a new build home, renovation project or for a commercial property. A wide variety of lighting types can be integrated into your smart project…dimming, LED RGBW strips, DMX and more. Create scenes for every occasion to suit your mood and lifestyle.

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WiFi access is really key to any project. Without reliable and fast WiFi, it becomes frustrating trying to access and control your smart home. Our bespoke solutions are cost effective and provide seamless access throughout the property.

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Electrical | HVAC Services

We offer a full range of electrical, heating and HVAC services for your smart project through our partner company. From single to whole house with full automation integration, we can design a solution for all your needs. Fully certified and compliant.

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Multiroom Audio & Video

Audio & Video streaming to any room in the house can easily be achieved with a no of bespoke solutions all centrally hidden away. Group zones for party modes, Airplay your favourite spotify tracks and more. Hiding away all your satellite and Bluray players in a central location, allows clean and clutter free rooms. We can go further…how about waking up to your favourite track or your alarm blasting throughout the house speakers to disorientate any intruders!

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Security should never be taken lightly. Our range of solutions can be fully integrated into the smart system to ensure you are fully aware of everything that is happening in your property. From integrated alarms and CCTV, security needs to be an integral part of any project. Added to this we can integrate biometric fingerprint doors allowing full control from your automation system.

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