The Fox and Hounds pub (Converted to Modern home)

The Fox and Hounds pub (Converted to Modern home)

LOCATION: South-east London
STATUS: Phase 1 completed (Phase 2 coming soon)

One of our most highly sophisticated projects in Kent is a perfect consolidation of luxury and smart home technology using Loxone. This property has been customized to the owners functional and aesthetic needs with the latest market leading automation technology.

Intelligent lighting, smart shading, intelligent heating, Alexa supported voice control, multi room audio and video distribution, automated gate control and security cameras from Loxone makes this vintage pub previously known as ‘Fox and Hounds’ into a luxurious modern day home.

The smart lighting across the property signifies the perfect relation between functional and delightful atmosphere.The smart LED lighting integrated across the property enhances the character of this vintage property. Smart motion sensors detect the movement and ensures perfect illumination knowing when lighting is required. Smart shades perform its duty, while positioning the blinds according to the environment and to the owners need.

Intelligent underfloor heating and radiators are integrated to the smart automation system enabling the residents to adjust different heating levels in all rooms. Multi room audio and video distribution in the property provides latest entertainment services making it ideal for movie nights with family and also weekend parties with friends. Most importantly the multi room audio system also acts as an alarm siren when possible intrusion is detected and notifications are sent immediately to all residents and key holders.

This property is well integrated with all the security solutions like CCTV, Motion sensing alarm and voice control. Having all these smartly integrated systems in a single house helps reduce energy costs with intelligent management of utilities and services.

Simply put, Loxone smart systems transform this lovely pub converted home that looks out for itself shaping to all the needs and requirements of the residents.

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